RDG Technology Composite

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Components as of 3/31/2020

12 Retech Corp Fbec Worldwide Inc Paysign Inc
2u Inc Fidelity National Information Services Inc Pc Connection Inc
3d Systems Corp Findex.com Inc Pctel Inc
8×8 Inc Finjan Holdings Inc Pdf Solutions Inc
A10 Networks Inc Fireeye Inc Pegasystems Inc
Ab International Group Corp First Solar Inc Perceptron Inc
Acacia Communications Inc Fiserv Inc Perficient Inc
Accelera Innovations Inc Fitbit Inc Perspecta Inc
Accenture Plc Five9 Inc Pfsweb Inc
Aci Worldwide Inc Fiverr International Ltd Phonex Holdings Inc
Acm Research Inc Flashzero Corp Photronics Inc
Acorn Energy Inc Fleetcor Technologies Inc Phunware Inc
Adaptive Ad Systems Inc Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc Ping Identity Holding Corp
Addvantage Technologies Group Inc Flint Telecom Group Inc Pingify International Inc
Adesto Technologies Corp Flir Systems Inc Pitney Bowes Inc
Adobe Inc Focus Universal Inc Pixelworks Inc
Adtran Inc Forescout Technologies Inc Plantronics Inc
Advanced Energy Industries Inc Formfactor Inc Plexus Corp
Advanced Micro Devices Inc Forrester Research Inc Pluralsight Inc
Advanced Voice Recognition Systems Inc Fortinet Inc Point To Point Methodics Inc
Advantego Corporation Fortran Corp Power Integrations Inc
Aehr Test Systems Franklin Wireless Corp Powerfleet Inc
Agent Information Software Inc Frequency Electronics Inc Prgx Global Inc
Agilysys Inc Galaxy Next Generation Inc Priority Technology Holdings Inc
Airgain Inc Gartner Inc Prism Technologies Group Inc
Akamai Technologies Inc Gbt Technologies Inc Progress Software Corp
Akerna Corp Genasys Inc Proofpoint Inc
Akoustis Technologies Inc General Datacomm Industries Inc Prophotonix Ltd
Alarm.com Holdings Inc Genesis Electronics Group Inc Pros Holdings Inc
Alj Regional Holdings Inc Genpact Ltd Protek Capital Inc
Alliance Data Systems Corp George Risk Industries Inc Protext Pharma Inc
Allied Security Innovations Inc Geospatial Corp Protocall Technologies Inc
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc Giga-tronics Inc Protosource Corp
Alternet Systems Inc Givemepower Corp Proxim Wireless Corp
Alteryx Inc Global Payment Technologies Inc Ptc Inc
Altigen Communications Inc Global Payments Inc Puget Technologies Inc
Ambarella Inc Globalscape Inc Pure Storage Inc
Amdocs Ltd Globant Sa Q2 Holdings Inc
Ameri Holdings Inc Godaddy Inc Qad Inc
American Software Inc Goff Corp Qenex Communications Inc
Ameristar Network Inc Good Gaming Inc Qorvo Inc
Ameritek Ventures Great Elm Capital Group Inc Qpay Blockchain Corp
Amkor Technology Inc Greensky Inc Qualcomm Inc
Amphenol Corp Grubhub Inc Qualstar Corp
Amtech Systems Inc Gse Systems Inc Qualys Inc
Analog Devices Inc Gsi Technology Inc Quantum Corp
Anaplan Inc Gtt Communications Inc Quantum Materials Corp
Anchorage International Holdings Corp Gty Technology Holdings Inc Quicklogic Corp
Andrea Electronics Corp Guidewire Software Inc Qumu Corp
Anixter International Inc Hackett Group Inc Quotemedia Inc
Ansys Inc Harmonic Inc R C M Technologies Inc
Appfolio Inc Hauppauge Digital Inc Raadr Inc
Appian Corp Hawk Systems Inc Radioio Inc
Apple Inc Healthwarehouse.com Inc Rainmaker Systems Inc
Applied Dna Sciences Inc Helios And Matheson Analytics Inc Rambus Inc
Applied Materials Inc Here To Serve Holding Corp Rand Worldwide Inc
Applied Optoelectronics Inc Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co Rapid7 Inc
Applied Visual Sciences Inc Hollysys Automation Technologies Ltd Realnetworks Inc
Apptech Corp Hop On Inc Realpage Inc
Arc Document Solutions Inc Hopto Inc Rebel Group Inc
Argyle Security Inc Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co Red Cat Holdings Inc
Arista Networks Inc Hp Inc Red Violet Inc
Arlo Technologies Inc Hr Soft Inc Rego Payment Architectures Inc
Arrow Electronics Inc Hubspot Inc Reliability Inc
Artificial Life Inc Hypersolar Inc Repay Holdings Corp
Ascent Solar Technologies Inc I3 Verticals Inc Research Frontiers Inc
Aspen Technology Inc Ibrands Corp Research Solutions Inc
Astronova Inc Icad Inc Resonant Inc
Asure Software Inc Ichor Holdings Ltd Rf Industries Ltd
Atlassian Corporation Plc Icon Media Holdings Inc Ribbon Communications Inc
Atomera Inc Ideanomics Inc Richardson Electronics Ltd
Atwec Technologies Inc Identiv Inc Rimini Street Inc
Audioeye Inc Iec Electronics Corp Ringcentral Inc
Autodesk Inc Ieh Corp Rocketfuel Blockchain Inc
Automatic Data Processing Inc Ifnw Dissolution Corp Rogers Corp
Avalara Inc Igen Networks Corp Rosetta Stone Inc
Avaya Holdings Corp Ii-vi Inc Rubicon Project Inc
Averox Inc Ijj Corp Rubicon Technology Inc
Aviat Networks Inc Image Sensing Systems Inc Rumbleon Inc
Avid Technology Inc Imageware Systems Inc Sabre Corp
Avnet Inc Imerjn Inc Sailpoint Technologies Holdings Inc
Aware Inc Imine Corp Salesforce.com Inc
Axcelis Technologies Inc Iming Corp Sanmina Corp
Axt Inc Immersion Corp Scansource Inc
Badger Meter Inc Impinj Inc Schmitt Industries Inc
Bel Fuse Inc Infinera Corp Sci Engineered Materials Inc
Belden Inc Infinite Group Inc Science Applications International Corp
Benchmark Electronics Inc Information Services Group Inc Scientific Learning Corp
Benefitfocus Inc Infrax Systems Inc Seachange International Inc
Bettwork Industries Inc Innodata Inc Seagate Technology Plc
Beyond Air Inc Innovaro Inc Secured Services Inc
Bigstring Corp Inphi Corp Secureworks Corp
Bill.com Holdings Inc Inpixon Security First International Holdings Inc
Bio-key International Inc Inrad Optics Inc Semtech Corp
Biosolar Inc Inseego Corp Sentry Technology Corp
Black Knight Inc Insight Enterprises Inc Servicenow Inc
Blackbaud Inc Inspro Technologies Corp Servicesource International Inc
Blackline Inc Integrated Business Systems And Services Inc Ses Solar Inc
Blackridge Technology International Inc Integrated Ventures Inc Sharpspring Inc
Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc Intel Corp Shutterstock Inc
Blucora Inc Intellicheck Inc Sigma Designs Inc
Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp Intelligent Systems Corp Sigmatron International Inc
Borqs Technologies Inc Intercloud Systems Inc Signature Devices Inc
Bottomline Technologies (de) Inc Interdigital Wireless Inc Silicon Laboratories Inc
Box Inc Interlink Electronics Inc Silversun Technologies Inc
Boxlight Corp Internap Corp Simtrol Inc
Bravatek Solutions Inc International Business Machines Corp Simulations Plus Inc
Bridgeline Digital Inc International Money Express Inc Sitime Corp
Bright Mountain Media Inc Internetarray Inc Sito Mobile Ltd
Brightcove Inc Interups Inc Sky440 Inc
Broadcom Inc Intest Corp Skyworks Solutions Inc
Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc Intevac Inc Slack Technologies Inc
Broadvision Inc Intrusion Inc Smartmetric Inc
Brooks Automation Inc Intuit Inc Smartsheet Inc
Bsquare Corp Inuvo Inc Smith Micro Software Inc
Cabot Microelectronics Corp Inventergy Global Inc Smtc Corp
Caci International Inc Investview Inc Solar Enertech Corp
Cadence Design Systems Inc Ionix Technology Inc Solaredge Technologies Inc
Calamp Corp Iota Communications Inc Solarwindow Technologies Inc
Calix Inc Ipg Photonics Corp Solitron Devices Inc
Cambex Corp Ipsidy Inc Sollensys Corp
Canadian Solar Inc Ironclad Encryption Corp Sonasoft Corp
Cardtronics Plc Isign Solutions Inc Sonic Foundry Inc
Cardxx Inc Issuer Direct Corp Sonim Technologies Inc
Casa Systems Inc Iteris Inc Sono-tek Corp
Cass Information Systems Inc Itron Inc Spectral Capital Corp
Cavitation Technologies Inc Iveda Solutions Inc Spindle Inc
Ccur Holdings Inc Izea Worldwide Inc Spire Corp
Cdw Corp J2 Global Inc Splunk Inc
Cemtrex Inc Jabil Inc Sports Field Holdings Inc
Cerence Inc Jack Henry & Associates Inc Sps Commerce Inc
Ceridian Hcm Holding Inc Jaco Electronics Inc Square Inc
Cerner Corp Jubilant Flame International Ltd Ss&c Technologies Holdings Inc
Ceva Inc Jumia Technologies Ag Startech Labs Inc
Cfn Enterprises Inc Juniper Networks Inc Startek Inc
Channeladvisor Corp Kbr Inc Steel Connect Inc
China Crescent Enterprises Inc Kemet Corp Stoneco Ltd
China Intelligence Information Systems Inc Kenergy Scientific Inc Storage Computer Corp
Chineseinvestors.com Inc Key Tronic Corp Str Holdings Inc
Church & Crawford Inc Keysight Technologies Inc Stratasys Ltd
Cicero Inc Kimball Electronics Inc Streamline Health Solutions Inc
Ciena Corp Kla Corp Strikeforce Technologies Inc
Cipherloc Corp Kma Global Solutions International Inc Summit Wireless Technologies Inc
Cirmaker Technology Corp Know Labs Inc Sunpower Corp
Cirrus Logic Inc Knowles Corp Super League Gaming Inc
Cisco Systems Inc Konared Corp Super Micro Computer Inc
Cistera Networks Inc Kopin Corp Superconductor Technologies Inc
Citrix Systems Inc Kulicke And Soffa Industries Inc Support.com Inc
Clancy Systems International Inc Kvh Industries Inc Surge Components Inc
Cleanspark Inc Lam Research Corp Surna Inc
Clearfield Inc Lantronix Inc Svmk Inc
Clearone Inc Lattice Inc Switch Inc
Clearsign Technologies Corp Lattice Semiconductor Corp Swk Holdings Corp
Cleartronic Inc Legacy Education Alliance Inc Sykes Enterprises Inc
Cloudcommerce Inc Legend Oil And Gas Ltd Synacor Inc
Cloudflare Inc Leidos Holdings Inc Synaptics Inc
Clps Inc Levelblox Inc Synchronoss Technologies Inc
Cmtsu Liquidation Inc Lgbtq Loyalty Holdings Inc Synnex Corp
Cognex Corp Lgl Group Inc Synopsys Inc
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp Liberated Syndication Inc Sysorex Inc
Coherent Inc Lifeloc Technologies Inc Systemax Inc
Cohu Inc Lifelogger Technologies Corp Table Trac Inc
Com-guard.com Inc Lightpath Technologies Inc Taitron Components Inc
Comf5 International Inc Limelight Networks Inc Takung Art Co Ltd
Comjoyful International Co Liquid Holdings Group Inc Taoping Inc
Commscope Holding Company Inc Liska Biometry Inc Tautachrome Inc
Communications Systems Inc Littelfuse Inc Te Connectivity Ltd
Commvault Systems Inc Live Current Media Inc Tech Data Corp
Computer Programs And Systems Inc Live World Inc Technical Communications Corp
Computer Services Inc Livechain Inc Technology Solutions Co
Computer Task Group Inc Liveperson Inc Techtarget Inc
Comscore Inc Liveramp Holdings Inc Teleconnect Inc
Comtech Telecommunications Corp Living 3d Holdings Inc Telenav Inc
Conduent Inc Logmein Inc Tenable Holdings Inc
Conectisys Corp Lumentum Holdings Inc Teradata Corp
Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group Inc Luna Innovations Inc Teradyne Inc
Corelogic Inc Mace Security International Inc Tessco Technologies Inc
Cornerstone Ondemand Inc Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc Texas Instruments Inc
Corning Inc Madison Systems Inc Tintri Inc
Costar Technologies Inc Magnachip Semiconductor Corp Tivo Corp
Counterpath Corp Majesco Track Group Inc
Coupa Software Inc Manhattan Associates Inc Trade Desk Inc
Covetrus Inc Mantech International Corp Trans Lux Corp
Cpi Card Group Inc Marin Software Inc Transact Technologies Inc
Cps Technologies Corp Marvell Technology Group Ltd Transwitch Corp
Crednology Holding Corp Massroots Inc Tree Of Knowledge International Corp
Cree Inc Mastech Digital Inc Trimble Inc
Crexendo Inc Mastercard Inc Trio-tech International
Csg Systems International Inc Max Sound Corp Truecar Inc
Csp Inc Maxim Integrated Products Inc Tsr Inc
Cts Corp Maximus Inc Ttec Holdings Inc
Ctx Virtual Technologies Inc Maxlinear Inc Ttm Technologies Inc
Cui Global Inc Mechanical Technology Inc Tufin Software Technologies Ltd
Cvd Equipment Corp Media Technologies Inc Twilio Inc
Cyber Digital Inc Meet Group Inc Twitter Inc
Cyberark Software Ltd Methode Electronics Inc Tyler Technologies Inc
Cyberfort Software Inc Mgt Capital Investments Inc Ubiquiti Inc
Cyberloq Technologies Inc Microchip Technology Inc Ultra Clean Holdings Inc
Cyberoptics Corp Micron Technology Inc Ultrack Systems Inc
Cynergistek Inc Micropac Industries Inc Uni-pixel Inc
Cypress Semiconductor Corp Microsoft Corp Unisys Corp
Daktronics Inc Microstrategy Inc Universal Detection Technology
Dariohealth Corp Microvision Inc Universal Display Corp
Darkpulse Inc Microwave Filter Company Inc Universal Power Industry Corp
Dasan Zhone Solutions Inc Mimecast Ltd Universal Security Instruments Inc
Data I/o Corp Mitek Systems Inc Upland Software Inc
Data Storage Corp Mks Instruments Inc Upwork Inc
Data443 Risk Mitigation Inc Mmtec Inc Usa Technologies Inc
Datadog Inc Mobileiron Inc Usio Inc
Datatrak International Inc Mobilesmith Inc Utstarcom Holdings Corp
Decision Diagnostics Corp Mobivity Holdings Corp V Group Inc
Defense Technologies International Corp Model N Inc Validian Corp
Defentect Group Inc Moneygram International Inc Varonis Systems Inc
Dell Technologies Inc Moneyonmobile Inc Vdo-ph International
Democrasoft Inc Mongodb Inc Vectrus Inc
Diebold Nixdorf Inc Monolithic Power Systems Inc Veeco Instruments Inc
Digi International Inc Monster Arts Inc Verb Technology Company Inc
Digiliti Money Group Inc Mosys Inc Verecloud Inc
Digital Ally Inc Motorola Solutions Inc Verify Smart Corp
Digital Info Security Co Moxian Inc Verifyme Inc
Digital Locations Inc Mts Systems Corp Verint Systems Inc
Digital Turbine Inc Mutual Merchant Services Inc Verisign Inc
Digitaltown Inc Kuboo Inc Veritone Inc
Digitiliti Inc Nanoflex Power Corp Verra Mobility Corp
Diodes Inc Napco Security Technologies Inc Vertical Computer Systems Inc
Docusign Inc National Instruments Corp Viasat Inc
Dolby Laboratories Inc Ncr Corp Viavi Solutions Inc
Domo Inc Neomedia Technologies Inc Video River Networks Inc
Drone Guarder Inc Neonode Inc View Systems Inc
Dropbox Inc Neophotonics Corp Viewcast.com Inc
Dsp Group Inc Net Element Inc Virnetx Holding Corp
Duos Technologies Group Inc Net Medical Xpress Solutions Inc Virtra Inc
Dxc Technology Co Netapp Inc Virtusa Corp
Dynasil Corporation Of America Netgear Inc Visa Inc
Dynatrace Inc Netlist Inc Vishay Intertechnology Inc
Dyntek Inc Netscout Systems Inc Vishay Precision Group Inc
Eaco Corp Netsol Technologies Inc Visium Technologies Inc
Ebix Inc Network-1 Technologies Inc Vislink Technologies Inc
Echostar Corp Neurotrope Inc Viva Entertainment Group Inc
Ecoark Holdings Inc New Relic Inc Vmware Inc
Egain Corp Nic Inc Voice Assist Inc
Elastic Nv Nlight Inc Wall Street Media Co Inc
Electro-sensors Inc Nortech Systems Inc Wayside Technology Group Inc
Electronic Sensor Technology Inc Nortonlifelock Inc Wealthcraft Capital Inc
Electronic Systems Technology Inc Notis Global Inc Web Blockchain Media Inc
Emagin Corp Novint Technologies Inc Weedhire International Inc
Emcore Corp Noxel Corp Wellness Center Usa Inc
Emtec Inc Nuance Communications Inc Westell Technologies Inc
Endurance International Group Holdings Inc Nutanix Inc Western Digital Corp
Enherent Corp Nve Corp Western Union Co
Enphase Energy Inc Nvidia Corp Wex Inc
Entegris Inc Nxt-id Inc Where Food Comes From Inc
Envestnet Inc O2 Secure Wireless Inc Widepoint Corp
Envision Solar International Inc On Semiconductor Corp Winland Holdings Corp
Epam Systems Inc One Stop Systems Inc Wireless Telecom Group Inc
Eplus Inc Onespan Inc Wod Retail Solutions Inc
Espey Mfg And Electronics Corp Onto Innovation Inc Workday Inc
Euronet Worldwide Inc Optical Cable Corp Workiva Inc
Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp Oracle Corp World Health Energy Holdings Inc
Eventbrite Inc Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc World Moto Inc
Everbridge Inc Osi Systems Inc Xcelmobility Inc
Everquote Inc P2 Solar Inc Xerox Holdings Corp
Everspin Technologies Inc Pagerduty Inc Xilinx Inc
Evertec Inc Pagseguro Digital Ltd Xperi Corp
Evo Payments Inc Paid Inc Xpresspa Group Inc
Evolving Systems Inc Palo Alto Networks Inc Xsport Global Inc
Exela Technologies Inc Paperfree Medical Solutions Inc Xsunx Inc
Exlservice Holdings Inc Par Technology Corp Yext Inc
Exobox Technologies Corp Paragon Technologies Inc Zebra Technologies Corp
Extreme Networks Inc Park City Group Inc Zendesk Inc
Ezenia! Inc Parkervision Inc Zim Corp
F5 Networks Inc Passur Aerospace Inc Zix Corp
Facebank Group Inc Patient Portal Technologies Inc Zoom Telephonics Inc
Fair Isaac Corp Patriot Scientific Corp Zoom Video Communications Inc
Falconstor Software Inc Paychex Inc Zoompass Holdings Inc
Faro Technologies Inc Paycom Software Inc Zscaler Inc
Fastbase Inc Paylocity Holding Corp Zuora Inc
Fastly Inc Paypal Holdings Inc