RDG Technology Composite

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Components as of 3/31/2023

2U Inc Epam Systems Inc Paycom Software Inc
3D Systems Corp Esab Corp Paycor Hcm Inc
8X8 Inc Everbridge Inc Paylocity Holding Corp
A10 Networks Inc Evercommerce Inc Pdf Solutions Inc
Aaon Inc Evolv Technologies Holdings Inc Pegasystems Inc
Aci Worldwide Inc Expensify Inc Perfect Corp
Acm Research Inc Extreme Networks Inc Perficient Inc
Activision Blizzard Inc F5 Inc Perion Network Ltd
Adeia Inc Fastly Inc Perma-Pipe International Holdings Inc
Adobe Inc Fat Projects Acquisition Corp Phoenix New Media Ltd
Agilysys Inc Fg Merger Corp Pitney Bowes Inc
Agm Group Holdings Inc Fingermotion Inc Playstudios Inc
Agora Inc Five9 Inc Playtika Holding Corp
Akerna Corp Flowserve Corp Porch Group Inc
Alarm.Com Holdings Inc Forgerock Inc Powerbridge Technologies Co Ltd
Alkami Technology Inc Forian Inc Powerschool Holdings Inc
Allot Ltd Fortinet Inc Presto Automation Inc
Semantix Inc Forum Energy Technologies Inc Procore Technologies Inc
Altair Engineering Inc Rubicon Technologies Inc Profire Energy Inc
Alteryx Inc Fox Corp Progress Software Corp
Altice Usa Inc Freshworks Inc Propertyguru Group Ltd
Amc Networks Inc Fuel Tech Inc Pros Holdings Inc
Amdocs Ltd Full Truck Alliance Co Ltd Ptc Inc
American Software Inc Gamestop Corp Pure Storage Inc
Amesite Inc Gen Digital Inc Q2 Holdings Inc
Ampco-Pittsburgh Corp Gitlab Inc Qualtrics International Inc
Amplitude Inc Glimpse Group Inc Qualys Inc
Amtech Systems Inc Global System Dynamics Inc Quantum Computing Inc
Anghami Inc Globant Sa Quantum Corp
Ansys Inc Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Ltd Radcom Ltd
Appfolio Inc Godaddy Inc Rapid7 Inc
Appian Corp Gogo Inc Rbc Bearings Inc
Apple Inc Golden Matrix Group Inc Recruiter.Com Group Inc
Apptech Payments Corp Goodrx Holdings Inc Red Cat Holdings Inc
Arbe Robotics Ltd Gorilla Technology Group Inc Red Violet Inc
Arista Networks Inc Gorman-Rupp Co Remark Holdings Inc
Arogo Capital Acquisition Corp Graco Inc Ribbon Communications Inc
Arqit Quantum Inc Gray Television Inc Richardson Electronics Ltd
Arrow Electronics Inc Great Elm Group Inc Ringcentral Inc
Asana Inc Greenpro Capital Corp Roblox Corp
Aspen Technology Inc Grid Dynamics Holdings Inc Roc Energy Acquisition Corp
Asset Entities Inc Gse Systems Inc Roku Inc
Ast Spacemobile Inc Guidewire Software Inc Rumbleon Inc
Astronova Inc Hashicorp Inc Saga Communications Inc
Asure Software Inc Healthcare Triangle Inc Sai.Tech Global Corp
Atlassian Corp Heartcore Enterprises Inc Salem Media Group Inc
Audacy Inc Hello Group Inc Salesforce Inc
Audioeye Inc Hesai Group Samsara Inc
Aurora Innovation Inc Hongli Group Inc Sarcos Technology And Robotics Corp
Authid Inc Hub Cyber Security Ltd Science Applications International Corp
Autodesk Inc Hubspot Inc Scienjoy Holding Corp
Autohome Inc Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc Sciplay Corp
Automatic Data Processing Inc Ibex Ltd Seachange International Inc
Avepoint Inc Iczoom Group Inc Seagate Technology Holdings Plc
Avid Technology Inc Identiv Inc Secureworks Corp
Avidxchange Holdings Inc Idex Corp Semrush Holdings Inc
Avnet Inc Iheartmedia Inc Sentinelone Inc
Aware Inc Immersion Corp Servicenow Inc
Axcelis Technologies Inc Infobird Co Ltd Shopify Inc
Ayro Inc Innodata Inc Shutterstock Inc
Azenta Inc Innovative Solutions And Support Inc Sidus Space Inc
Backblaze Inc Inpixon Silicom Ltd
Baijiayun Group Ltd Inspired Entertainment Inc Silversun Technologies Inc
Baker Hughes Co Instructure Holdings Inc Simulations Plus Inc
Bandwidth Inc Intapp Inc Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc
Beasley Broadcast Group Inc Intellicheck Inc Sirius Xm Holdings Inc
Bentley Systems Inc Interlink Electronics Inc Siyata Mobile Inc
Berkshire Grey Inc Intevac Inc Skillsoft Corp
Best Buy Co Inc Intrusion Inc Skillz Inc
Bigbear.Ai Holdings Inc Intuit Inc Smartrent Inc
Bigcommerce Holdings Inc Ionq Inc Smartsheet Inc
Bilibili Inc Iris Energy Ltd Smith Micro Software Inc
Bill Holdings Inc Ironnet Inc Snowflake Inc.
Bio-Key International Inc Itt Inc So-Young International Inc
Bit Mining Ltd Ituran Location And Control Ltd Socket Mobile Inc
Black Knight Inc Iveda Solutions Inc Sohu.Com Ltd
Blackbaud Inc Jack Henry & Associates Inc Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure Inc
Blackboxstocks Inc Jamf Holding Corp Solarwinds Corp
Blackline Inc Johnson Controls International Plc Sono-Tek Corp
Block Inc Joyy Inc Soundhound Ai Inc
Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp Juniper Networks Inc Spire Global Inc
Borqs Technologies Inc Kaleyra Inc Splunk Inc
Box Inc Kaltura Inc Spok Holdings Inc
Braze Inc Karooooo Ltd Springbig Holdings Inc
Bridgeline Digital Inc Kaspien Holdings Inc Sprinklr Inc
Brightcove Inc Kennametal Inc Sprout Social Inc
Buzzfeed Inc Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Ltd Sps Commerce Inc
C3.Ai Inc Kornit Digital Ltd Squarespace Inc
Cable One Inc Kubient Inc Ss&C Technologies Holdings Inc
Caci International Inc Kyndryl Holdings Inc Phunware Inc
Cactus Inc Lam Research Corp Sterling Check Corp
Cadence Design Systems Inc Lantronix Inc Stoneco Ltd
Calix Inc Leafly Holdings Inc Stratasys Ltd
Cango Inc Legalzoom.Com Inc Streamline Health Solutions Inc
Cantaloupe Inc Leidos Holdings Inc Stronghold Digital Mining Inc
Carecloud Inc Lennox International Inc Sumo Logic Inc
Cargurus Inc Liberty Broadband Corp Super Micro Computer Inc
Carrier Global Corp Liberty Global Plc Synchronoss Technologies Inc
Cars.Com Inc Liberty Latin America Ltd Synopsys Inc
Ceco Environmental Corp Liberty Media Corp T Stamp Inc
Cerence Inc Liberty Tripadvisor Holdings Inc T-Mobile Us Inc
Ceridian Hcm Holding Inc Light & Wonder Inc Taitron Components Inc
Certara Inc Liquid Media Group Ltd Take-Two Interactive Software Inc
Charge Enterprises Inc Liveperson Inc Taoping Inc
Charter Communications Inc Liveramp Holdings Inc Taskus Inc
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd Livevox Holdings Inc Taylor Devices Inc
Cheetah Mobile Inc Lottery.Com Inc Tdcx Inc
China Index Holdings Ltd Luokung Technology Corp Te Connectivity Ltd
Ci&T Inc Lytus Technologies Holdings Ptv Ltd Technipfmc Plc
Cisco Systems Inc M3-Brigade Acquisition Ii Corp Techtarget Inc
Clarivate Plc Magic Software Enterprises Ltd Tegna Inc
Clear Secure Inc Manhattan Associates Inc Telos Corp
Clearwater Analytics Holdings Inc Manitex International Inc Tenable Holdings Inc
Auddia Inc Marathon Digital Holdings Inc Tencent Music Entertainment Group
Cloopen Group Holding Ltd Mariadb Plc Teradata Corp
Cloudflare Inc Marin Software Inc Terawulf Inc
Clps Inc Marketwise Inc Terex Corp
Cogent Communications Holdings Inc Markforged Holding Corp Tessco Technologies Inc
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp Marqeta Inc Thoughtworks Holding Inc
Cognyte Software Ltd Materialise Nv Timken Co
Comcast Corp Matterport Inc Toast Inc
Comcast Holdings Corp Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc Townsquare Media Inc
Commvault Systems Inc Mediaco Holding Inc Transact Technologies Inc
Compass Inc Meridianlink Inc Trivago Nv
Computer Programs And Systems Inc Microalgo Inc Troika Media Group Inc
Computer Task Group Inc Microsoft Corp Tsr Inc
Confluent Inc Microstrategy Inc Tucows Inc
Conn’S Inc Mind Cti Ltd Tusimple Holdings Inc
Consensus Cloud Solutions Inc Minority Equality Opportunities Acquisition Inc Tuya Inc
Corecard Corp Mitek Systems Inc Twilio Inc
Corsair Gaming Inc Mmtec Inc Tyler Technologies Inc
Couchbase Inc Mobileye Global Inc Uipath Inc
Coursera Inc Molekule Group Inc Unisys Corp
Creative Realities Inc Monday.Com Ltd United States Cellular Corp
Cricut Inc Mongodb Inc Unity Software Inc
Crowdstrike Holdings Inc Movella Holdings Inc Upland Software Inc
Cs Disco Inc Msp Recovery Inc Upwork Inc
Csg Systems International Inc Mullen Automotive Inc Urban One Inc
Csp Inc Multimetaverse Holdings Limited Varonis Systems Inc
Cumulus Media Inc My Size Inc Veeco Instruments Inc
Cvd Equipment Corp N-Able Inc Veeva Systems Inc
Cxapp Inc Nanthealth Inc Velo3D Inc
Cyberark Software Ltd National Instruments Corp Veradigm Inc
Cyngn Inc Nauticus Robotics Inc Verifyme Inc
D-Wave Quantum Inc Ncino Inc Verint Systems Inc
Data Storage Corp Ncr Corp Verisign Inc
Datadog Inc Netapp Inc Verisk Analytics Inc
Datasea Inc Netease Inc Veritone Inc
Datchat Inc Netscout Systems Inc Versus Systems Inc
Definitive Healthcare Corp Netsol Technologies Inc Vertex Inc
Dell Technologies Inc New Relic Inc Vmware Inc
Desktop Metal Inc Newpark Resources Inc Voxeljet Ag
Diebold Nixdorf Inc Nexstar Media Group Inc Voxx International Corp
Digi International Inc Nexters Inc Vtex
Digimarc Corp Nextgen Healthcare Inc Warner Bros Discovery Inc
Dish Network Corp Nordson Corp Wavedancer Inc
Docusign Inc Nov Inc Wearable Devices Ltd
Domo Inc Now Inc Weatherford International Plc
Donaldson Company Inc Nutanix Inc Weave Communications Inc
Doximity Inc Oil States International Inc Wejo Group Ltd
Dril-Quip Inc Okta Inc Western Acquisition Ventures Corp
Dropbox Inc Omnicell Inc Western Digital Corp
Duolingo Inc Omniq Corp Wetrade Group Inc
Duos Technologies Group Inc On24 Inc Where Food Comes From Inc
Dxc Technology Co One Stop Systems Inc Wideopenwest Inc
Dynatrace Inc Onespan Inc Wimi Hologram Cloud Inc
E W Scripps Co Onfolio Holdings Inc Workday Inc
Ebix Inc Ooma Inc Workiva Inc
Ecarx Holdings Inc. Opera Ltd Xerox Holdings Corp
Egain Corp Oracle Corp Xiao-I Corp
Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc Orbital Infrastructure Group Inc Xperi Inc
Electronic Arts Inc Otonomo Technologies Ltd Xunlei Ltd
Elys Game Technology Corp Pagerduty Inc Xylem Inc
Embark Technology Inc Pagseguro Digital Ltd Yext Inc
Endava Plc Palantir Technologies Inc Zepp Health Corp
Energy Recovery Inc Palo Alto Networks Inc Zeta Global Holdings Corp
Enfusion Inc Par Technology Corp Ziff Davis Inc
Engagesmart Inc Paramount Global Zoominfo Technologies Inc
Enovis Corp Park City Group Inc Zscaler Inc
Entravision Communications Corp Parsons Corp Zuora Inc