Dow Jones Indexes

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The Dow Jones U.S. index is a broad-based but investable measure of the U.S. stock market, intended for use as the basis of investment products. The index aims to consistently represent the top 95% of U.S. companies based on float-adjusted market capitalization, excluding the very smallest and least-liquid stocks.

UST Dow Jones US Total Return HGT Household Goods & Home Construction
DJC Dow Jones US 65 Composite Avg. IOT Industrial & Office REITs
DJI Dow Jones US Industrial Average IQT Industrial Engineering
DJU Dow Jones US Utilities Average IGT Industrial Goods & Services
DJT Dow Jones US Transportation Avg. FET Industrial Machinery
IMT Industrial Metals & Mining
AST Aerospace DST Industrial Suppliers
AET Aerospace & Defense ITT Industrial Transportation
ART Airlines INT Industrials
8783 Alternative Energy IRT Insurance
ALT Aluminum IBT Insurance Brokers
RAT Apparel Retailers OLT Integrated Oil & Gas
AGT Asset Managers NST Internet
ATT Auto Parts SBT Investment Services
AUT Automobiles STT Iron & Steel
9027 Automobiles & Parts Sector LET Leisure Goods
APT Automobiles & Parts Supersector ILT Life Insurance Sector
BKT Banks 9445 Life Insurance Subsector
9399 Banks Sector MTT Marine Transportation
9405 Banks Subsector AVT Media Agencies
BMT Basic Materials 9255 Media Sector
BST Basic Resources MET Media Supersector
BVT Beverages AMT Medical Equipment
BTT Biotechnology MST Medical Supplies
DBT Brewers MGT Mining
BCT Broadcasting & Entertainment WCT Mobile Telecommunications
RBT Broadline Retailers 9343 Mobile Telecommunications Subsector
BDT Building Materials & Fixtures MFT Mortgage Finance
IVT Business Support Services MRT Mortgage REITs
BET Business Training & Employment Agencies MUT Multiutilities
8803 Chemicals Sector HNT Nondurable Household Products
CHT Chemicals Supersector NFT Nonferrous Metals
CFT Clothing & Accessories IXT Nonlife Insurance
ENT Oil & Gas
HRT Commercial Vehicles & Trucks OGT Oil & Gas Producers
CCT Commodity Chemicals 8751 Oil & Gas Supersector
CRT Computer Hardware OIT Oil Equipment & Services
DVT Computer Services OQT Oil Equipment Services & Distribution
8884 Construction & Materials Sector
CNT Construction & Materials Supersector NGT Personal & Household Goods
SFT Consumer Finance PGT Personal Goods
NCT Consumer Goods CMT Personal Products
CYT Consumer Services PRT Pharmaceuticals
CPT Containers & Packaging PNT Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
VET Conventional Electricity PLT Pipelines
DNT Defense IPT Property & Casualty Insurance
AFT Delivery Services PBT Publishing
VNT Distillers & Vintners RRT Railroads
IDT Diversified Industrials RET Real Estate
DTT Diversified REITs EHT Real Estate Holding & Development
RDT Drug Retailers RHT Real Estate Investment & Services
HDT Durable Household Products RIT Real Estate Investment Trusts
ECT Electrical Components & Equipment EST Real Estate Services
EUT Electricity RPT Recreational Products
EET Electronic & Electrical Equipment RQT Recreational Services
AIT Electronic Equipment IUT Reinsurance
8788 Renewable Energy Equipment
OST Exploration & Production RNT Residential REITs
RUT Restaurants & Bars
FAT Financial Administration RTT Retail
FIT Financial Services RLT Retail REITs
GFT Financial Services Sector SCT Semiconductors
FNT Financials SDT Soft Drinks
FCT Fixed Line Telecommunications Sector SWT Software
9332 Fixed Line Telecommunications Subsector SVT Software & Computer Services
FBT Food & Beverage CST Specialized Consumer Services
DRT Food & Drug Retailers CXT Specialty Chemicals
FOT Food Producers SPT Specialty Finance
FPT Food Products SRT Specialty REITs
FDT Food Retailers & Wholesalers RST Specialty Retailers
FTT Footwear IST Support Services
TCT Technology
IFT Full Line Insurance TQT Technology Hardware & Equipment
FHT Furnishings 9539 Technology Supersector
CAT Gambling TLT Telecommunications
GUT Gas Distribution CTT Telecommunications Equipment
UOT Gas Water & Multiutilities 9321 Telecommunications Supersector
GIT General Industrials
TBT Tobacco Sector
GTT General Retailers 9145 Tobacco Subsector
PMT Gold Mining TYT Toys
HCT Health Care TST Transportation Services
MCT Health Care Equipment & Services 9281 Travel & Leisure Sector
HPT Health Care Providers CGT Travel & Leisure Supersector
9155 Health Care Supersector TTT Travel & Tourism
HVT Heavy Construction TKT Trucking
HBT Home Construction UTT Utilities
HIT Home Improvement Retailers 9354 Utilities Supersector
HLT Hotel & Lodging REITs PCT Waste & Disposal Services
LGT Hotels WUT Water